Marlene's Latest CD: Ballads...mostly


Marlene's latest CD is now available!

Executive Producer: George Buck

With Special Guests Mike Renzi, Houston Person, Claudio Roditi, and Jay Leonhart

Featuring 1 song and 7 arrangements by J. Billy VerPlanck

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It's always a series of many decisions when starting a new recording. Songs, musicians, studio, what to sing, who to use, and which studio. I was looking around our music room and found seven arrangements Billy did of Cy Coleman songs. Pefect! How could I not include Cy Coleman, a singer's dream. Not to mention the thrill of singing seven more of Billy's arrangements.

Then, after sorting some music, I came across the Harry Warren Songbook. That was easy! I chose four more. Now it was time for a few favorites and I chose Ivan Linz's and Paul Williams's "Love Dance," Ronny Whyte's "Listen to the Piano Man," and an original by Billy VerPlanck and Leon Nock, "Why Was I Thinking of Springtime." Exquisite!

The rest was easy. I called on some old friends, Houston Person, Claudio Roditi, Mike Renzi, Jay Leonhart, Tedd Firth, Ron Vincent, and Boots Maleson, and we went to work in a nice little studio in NJ with our engineer, Dave Kowalski.

Hopefully, you are listening to your copy and enjoying it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Health, Love & Music

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Ballads...mostly One Dream At A Time Once There Was a Moon Marlene VerPlanck NOW! It's How You Play the Game
Speaking of Love My Impetuous Heart A Warmer PlaceMarlene Sings the Songs of Richard AdlerMoonlight
Walter Donaldson I Like to Sing You;d Better Love Me Pure and Natural Marlene Sings Alec Wilder
Every Breath I Take A Breath of Fresh Air A Quiet Storm A New York Singer Marlene VerPlanck Loves Johnny Mercer
Live! In London Saxomania in Paris

Title: Ballads...mostly

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) MP3 Production Notes
I Wish I Knew   #2

Executive Producer: George Buck

Recorded November 25 and 27, 2012, at Trading 8's Studio, Paramus, NJ. Dave Kowalski, recording engineer.

Arrangements - 1, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14: J.BIlly VerPlanck

Musicans, #1
  • Tedd Firth, piano
  • Boots Maleson, bass
  • Ron VIncent, drums

Musicians, #2

Same as #1 with Claudio Roditi, trumpet

Musicians, #3

  • Mike Renzi, piano
  • Jay Loenhart, bass
  • Ron VIncent, drums

Musicians, #4

Same as #3 with Houston Person, tenor

From the liner notes:

“This is not Marlene VerPlanck’s nor my first album together, but in my opinion, it may be our best.... Actually the credit belongs mostly to Miss VerPlanck, who has dedicated her life to her singing and who produced this album.”

"No collection of Marlene's performances can be written about without giving a deep bow to her main musical and life influence, her late husband, the irrepressible arranger and songwriter, Billy VerPlanck. Billy had a hugely positive influence on everybody who knew him. Marlene sings Billy's arrangement on all seven of the Cy Coleman songs on the CD.

"I am not going to tell the reader what to appreciate on each and every track because I have confidence that you will know what your favorites are after one listening. But I will tell you that this is one of those CD's that should be put in continual rotation on your home system, your ipod...or however you listen to music."

-- Jay Leonhart, 2013

Witchcraft  #4  
My Dream is Yours  #4  
Love Dance  #2
I Only Have Eyes for You  #3
It Amazes Me   #3  
Baby Dream Your Dream   #1
There Will Never Be Another You   #4  
The Rules of the Road  #2
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life    #3  
I Walk a Little Faster   #2
Listen to the Piano Man  #1  
Why Try to Change Me Now  #4  
You Fascinate Me  #1  
Why Was I Thinking of Springtime   #1

Title: One Dream At A Time

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) MP3 Production Notes
Haven't We Met   #3

Executive Producer: George Buck

Recorded November 23 and 29, 2010, at Tony Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ. Dave Kowalski, recording engineer.

Arrangements - 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15: J.BIlly VerPlanck

Musicans, #1
  • Tedd Firth, piano;
  • Steve LaSpina bass;
  • Richard DeRosa, drums.

Musicians, #2

  • Tomoko Ohno, piano
  • Jeffifer Leitham, bass
  • Sherrie Maricle, drums

Musicians, #3

  • Ed Vodicka, piano/organ
  • Jennifer Leitham, bass
  • Sherrie Maricle, drums

From the liner notes:

"... I have been present at the creation of a number of "new' Marlene VerPlanck recordings. But this one would be different. For the first time in Marlene's distinguished career, her late loving husband and in-house arranger wouldn't be there to guide the project. Oh, he'd be there in spirit, certainly, but not with her in the control room scrutinizing the backgrounds for wayward note values and rhythms. And, believe me, Billy gave his arrangements the strictest scrutiny in the studio!

"On [Billy's] large, never-too-neat desk, Marlene recently found two new songs that Billy had written to the lyrics of his excellent collaborator-by-mail from England, Leon Nock, the first of which is entitled As Far As I'm Concerned....

"The album closes with the other song that Marlene found on Billy's desk, the lyrically optimistic but harmonically wistful One Dream at a Time. ...And wasn't I right? Billy VerPlanck's spirit is all through this recording. As it will be through the next one as well..."

-- Ray Hoffman, The Wall Street Journal, WCBS Newsradio 880, New York

In April  #1  
Some Fine Day  #2  
You Can Depend on Me  #1  
I'm Falling for You   #3  
Rio/Carioca  #1  
Quietly  #1
There's No Holding Me  #2  
The Heather on the Hill  #1  
What A Difference A Day Made  #2  
But Beautiful   #3
As Far As I'm Concerned  #2  
Moon Dreams  #1  
Invitation to the Blues   #3  
One Dream at a Time  #1


Title: Once There Was a Moon

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) MP3 Production Notes
I'm In Love Again

Produced, Arranged, and Conducted by J. Billy VerPlanck.

Recorded August 21 and 22, 2008, at Tony Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ. Dave Kowalski, engineer.

Tedd Firth, piano; Steve LaSpina bass; Richard DeRosa, drums.

From the liner notes:

"The first time I heard Marlene VerPlanck was at an intimate jazz club in Alexandria, Virginia. Her voice knocked me out. When the performance ended, my wife and I immediately reserved a table for the next night. We just couldn't get enough of this remarkable singer. That was in 1987. The jazz club vanished long ago. Fortunately, Marlene Verplanck continues to flourish and delight fans wherever she appears and her recordings are found..."

"In her newest CD, 'Once There Was a Moon,' Marlene once again showcases some of the best in popular music, with sparkling new arrangements by composer-husband, Billy VerPlanck. She's backed by the remarkable pianist Tedd Firth, and two fine musicians, bassist Steve LaSpina and drummer Richard DeRosa. In such capable hands, Marlene soars."

-- Jerry Kline, Washington Reporter and Jazz Writer

Where Do You Go from Love  
The Best Thing for You  
Around About Half Past Nine  
It Might as Well Be Spring  
I've Got You Under My Skin
What Are You Afraid Of?  
Evening Star  
They Say It's Spring  
Better Luck Next Time  
You're Laughing at Me  
Everything I Love  
Dearly Beloved
Once There Was a Moon


Title: Marlene Verplanck Now!

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
The Party Upstairs RealAudio File

Produced, arranged and conducted by J. (Billy)VerPlanck.

Recorded March 21 and 23, 2005, at Tony Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ. Dave Kowalski, engineer.

Tedd Firth, piano; Steve LaSpina and Jerry Bruno, bass; Richard DeRosa, drums.

Special guests: Dr. Billy Taylor, Norman Simmons, Bucky Pizzarelli.

From the liner notes:

"This is an album of songs about love -- love imagined, love experienced and love lost. There is a striking lack of sentimentality about them, but a marked expression of deep passion in most of them. Some have been around for quite a while, and others are brand new. Thanks to Marlene's talent for making a listener comfortable with whatever she is singing, all of these selections, whether familiar or not, will swiftly feel like old friends...

"Thanks to the insightful interpretations of Marlene and her supporting cast, the total package effectively captures the ups and downs that reside in the world of romance."

         -- Joe Lang, President, New Jersey Jazz Society

I Keep Goin' Back to Joe's RealAudio File
Don't Fall in Love Without Me  
Is It Raining in New York?  
Pretty Blue  
Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You  
Something Always Happens  
Moments Like This RealAudio File
Quietly There  
The End of a Love Affair  
Little Did I Dream RealAudio File
Fool That I Am  
Drinking Again  
Look Who's Singing Your Song  

Title: It's How You Play the Game

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
It's How You Play the Game

Special guests -- Members of the Diva Jazz Orchestra: Dr. Sherrie Maricle, drums and band leader; Chihiro Yamanaka, piano; Barbara Laronga, trumpet; Anat Cohen, clarinet, tenor saxophone; Karolina Strassmayer, alto saxophone; Norika Ueda, bass.

From the liner notes:

"As is often the case when Marlene and Billy present a new CD, there are some completely new songs that must soon earn their place alongside the great standards. A handful of classic songs, glowingly refurbished, are here, too. Additionally, and an always fascinating aspect of any VerPlanck venture, many of the songs on this CD have been around for years but, although they are melodically and lyrically of the highest quality, they have somehow fallen between the cracks and are now all but forgotten. Until now, that is; and as you will hear from the delightful interpretations by Marlene and from Billy's charts, that fate was quite undeserved...

"Listening to "It's How You Play the Game," it is clear that this CD is a marvelous demonstration of many things: Of the craft of the popular songwriters represented here; Billy VerPlanck's arranging talent; exceptional playing by the six instrumentalists from Diva Jazz Orchestra (No Man's Band); and, above all, it is also a superb example, perhaps the finest yet in her illustrious career, of the art of Marlene VerPlanck."

    -- Bruce Crowther, contributor to The Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz Journal International and co-author of Singing Jazz: The Singers and Their Styles

I Got Lost in His Arms  
Be Careful, It's My Heart RealAudio File
Easy to Love RealAudio File
May I Come In?  
My Man Benny  
Only Trust Your Heart  
I Wanna Be in Love Again  
The First Thing About You  
Love Looks Good on You  
Save Your Love For Me  
The Jazz Buff  
Cocktails at Dawn  
Maybe It's the Moon  
All My Tomorrows RealAudio File

Title: Speaking of Love

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
But Not for Me RealAudio File

Recorded London, England, May 11-12, 2000, and in New York City, September 7, 2001.

Produced, arranged and conducted by J. Billy VerPlanck.

The Roy Babbington Trio and Big Band

Special guest: Tommy Flanagan

From the liner notes:

"I know I am the envy of every girl singer working the month of March. That's when we're in England with one of the World's Greatest Trios, The Roy Babbington Trio....Through the years, Roy has introduced us to the very best musicians in the UK, but none finer than the working trio we have now: Roy Babbington, bass; Geoff Eales, piano, and Mark Fletcher, drums.

"Every night for one month we thrill to the excitement, the enthusiasm, the sensitivity, the swing, and most of all the camaraderie. The feeling is that we work as a unit, not as a girl singer with a trio...and the feeling never lets up."

Blues in My Heart  
It Was Written in the Stars  
What Comes After the Rainbow?  
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart  
Listen to the Silence  
Jamaica Rumba  
Romance Medley: I'll Take Romance, My Romance, & Isn't it Romantic?  
The Moment of Truth  
A Christmas Love Song  
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?  
Little Jazz Bird  
Nearer to Your Love  
Unless It's You  
My Love Went to London  
Make Some Magic  
The Singer (song dedicated to Frank Sinatra)  
Speaking of Love  
My Bluebird (accompanied by special guest Tommy Flanagan)  

Title: My Impetuous Heart

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
My Impetuous Heart  

Recorded September 1999.

The trio:

  • Hank Jones, piano.
  • Gary Mazzaroppi, bass.
  • Joe Cocuzzo, drums.

Guest artists: George Shearing, piano. Marian McPartland, piano. Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar.

From the liner notes by James Gavin:

"...VerPlanck's sunny voice is still as free and soaring as a bird. Her first album for DRG is another volume of superbly chosen songs, ranging all the way from a Billie Holiday torch ballad ('Travelin' Light') to a tongue-tripping piece of special material by Cahn and Van Heusen ('Love Won't Let You Get Away'). Arranger Billy VerPlanck, the singer's husband and musical partner for over forty years, knows how to show off her virtuosity as well as his own. 

"What makes this album special to both of them is the presence of some remarkable guests. Hank Jones accompanied a teenage Marlene on her first album for Savoy in 1955; George Shearing, Marian McPartland and Bucky Pizzarelli have known and admired her for decades."

Fools Fall in Love  
Medley: Can't We Be Friends & Just Friends  
Travelin' Light  
Call Me Irresponsible RealAudio File
Soul Eyes  
I Can Hardly Wait  
All in Fun  
You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me  
The Day I Found You  
Dance With Me Outside  
You Must Believe in Spring  
Fun to Be Fooled  
Willow Creek  
There's Never Been a Day  
How Little We Know  
We'll Be Together Again  
Love Won't Let You Get Away  

Title: A Warmer Place

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
In the Still of the Night

Recorded in New York in 1982 and in London in 1998.

Arranged, produced and directed by J. "Billy" VerPlanck.

Musicians, New York:

  • Ben Aronov, piano
  • Jay Leonhart, bass
  • Ron Traxler, drums.


  • Roy Babbington, bass
  • Andy Vintner, piano
  • Geoff Eagles, piano
  • John Horler, piano
  • Mike Smith, drums
  • Bobby Worth, drums

From the liner notes by WNEW's Bob Jones: "Appropriately, Marlene dedicates this album to her friend Alec Wilder. Mr. Wilder, after all, in his book, The American Popular Song (written with James T. Maher), caused a lot of us to start thinking about this vast musical treasury the world possesses because of American writers of words and music. We are beginning to see some wonderful products of those thoughts. 'South to a Warmer Place' is Alec Wilder's last song. The words are by Loonis McGlohon, himself a busy recording artist on this label."

"I hold the opinion that each of these performances is lustrous, none more so than the exceptional treatment Marlene gives Arthur Schwartz and Yip Harburg's 'Then I'll Be Tired of You.' This, I think, is a song that has everything, and I believe that its time has come again."

Then I'll Be Tired of You RealAudio File
They Can't Take That Away From Me  
My Heart Stood Still  
Not a Moment Too Soon  
For You, For Me, For Evermore  
You Know What?  
When He Makes Music  
Petite Suite  
Oh, You Crazy Moon  
Medley: Day by Day and Day by Day  
I Used to Be Color Blind  
Old Devil Moon  
Two for the Road  
I've Got You to Lean On  
The Touch of Your Lips  
Looking for a Boy  
Isn't This a Lovely Day?  
I Walk With Music  
South to a Warmer Place  

Title: The Songs of Richard Adler

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
I'm Seeing Rainbows  

Arranged, produced and directed by J. "Billy" VerPlanck.

From the liner notes:

"I was asked by Bruce Kimmel, vice-president and producer for Varese Sarabande Records, to write these liner notes and I am pleased to do so...I consider Marlene VerPlanck to be one of the greatest jazz and pop stylists alive today. She breathes a freshness into each phrase and performance in this album is evocative of her idol, the late and great Ella Fitzgerald. Billy VerPlanck has arranged and scored this album with innovation and feeling."

"These songs span my career of fifty years. One of the earliest is 'The No Soap, No Hope, No Mouse, No House Blues' written in 1947. 'I Ask Myself','If You Win, You Lose' and 'Whoever Invented Love' were very recently composed. My fervent hope is that you like this album as much as I do." - Richard Adler

I Ask Myself RealAudio File
Hey There  
Near to You  
Whoever Invented Love?  
What's Wrong With Me?  
A New Town is a Blue Town  
If I Knew Then  
Whatever Lola Wants  
You Gotta Have Heart  
You Knew What I Needed  
Another Time, Another Place  
Christmas in Your Heart  
No Soap Blues RealAudio File
Two for the Road  
If You Win You Lose  
Put Your Money on Me  

Title: What Are We Going To Do With All this Moonlight?

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Nobody Else But Me  

Recorded in Paris in 1997 and 1998, with Saxomania reeds and rhythm.

Arranged, produced and directed by J. "Billy" VerPlanck.

"What Are We Going to Do With All This Moonlight" -- the second album uniting Marlene's voice with the reeds and rhythm band Saxomania and Billy VerPlanck's arrangements -- features outstanding material from both the jazz world and such well-established writers as Kern, Gershwin and Coleman.

"I love standards," says Marlene. "They're melodic and beautiful and say something. What's the sense of doing a new song that doesn't say something? Our constant goal is trying to find new ways to do standards."

The Real Thing  
Close Enough For Love  
Beautiful Friendship RealAudio File
Star Eyes  
Detour Ahead  
Embraceable You  
Sing Me To Sleep  
Wonder Why  
Sweet and Slow  
My Future Just Began  
When In Rome  
I Never Had A Chance  
Nobody, But Nobody  
I've Got Your Number  
I'm Sticking With You, Baby  
What Are We Going To Do With All This Moonlight?  

Title: The Greatest Hits of Walter Donaldson

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes


  • My Mammy
  • My Buddy
  • Carolina in the Morning

Most of these great Walter Donaldson songs were written during the 1920s and are synonymous with such legendary stars as Al Jolson, Ruth Etting and Eddie Cantor. While the tunes evoke an image of that remarkable decade, they remain ageless.

These inventive interpretations are tastefully arranged by Jack Manno and performed by the Jack Manno Singers, featuring Marlene VerPlanck, Ken Bridges and Jack Manno.

Backing the vocalists are the Gentlemen of Jazz, whose members include big-band veterans Rusty Dedrick, Johnny Mince, Buddy Morrow, Urbie Green, Dick Hyman, Bucky Pizzarelli, Tony Motolla, George Duvivier, Bill LaVorgna and Don Anderson.

Among the highlights on this sprightly CD: Marlene's vocals on "At Sundown," "Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky," "Love Me or Leave Me" and "Sam, the Old Accordion Man."

At Sundown  
(What Can I Say) After I say I'm Sorry?  
My Blue Heaven  
Just Like a Melody out of the Sky  


  • I Wonder Where My Baby is Tonight?
  • Because My Baby don't Mean Maybe Now
  • Yes Sir, That's My Baby


  • Little White Lies
  • You're Driving Me Crazy! (What Did I Do?)
Love Me or Leave Me RealAudio File
Reaching for Someone and not Finding Anyone There  
Makin' Whoopee!  
Sam, the Old Accordion Man  
My Baby Just Cares for Me  

Title: I Like to Sing

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
I Like to SIng  

Arranged, Conducted and Produced by J. Billy VerPlanck. 

  • Ben Aronov, piano 
  • Jay Leonhart, bass 
  • Luther Rix, drums 
  • Roy Babbington, bass 
  • Andy Vinter, piano 
  • Geoff Eales, piano 
  • John Horler, piano 
  • Mike Smith, drums 
  • Bobby Worth, drums 

"I Like to Sing!" -- a reissue of Marlene's sixth Audiophile collection, initially released in 1983 and now augmented by seven additional tracks recorded in 1998 -- features the singer with two superb groups of accompanists.

The musicians on the earlier tracks, recorded in New York, are pianist Ben Aronov, bassist Jay Leonhart and drummer Luther Rix. Back in 1983, they were accompanying Marlene nightly in a highly successful supper club appearance that became the focal point of a video profile on Charles Kuralt's CBS show, "Sunday Morning."

The newly recorded material united Marlene and the Roy Babbington Trio for three days of recording in a London studio. The trio, whose members alternated during the recording sessions, included Roy Babbington, bass; Andy Vinter, Geoff Eales and John Horler, piano; and Mike Smith and Bobby Worth, drums. J. Billy VerPlanck arranged, conducted and produced both sessions. 

Highly Emotional State  


  • It Could Happen to You
  • Love Walked In


Here I Go Again  
Let Yourself Go  
All the Things You Are RealAudio File
Here's That Sunny Day  
(I Think of You) WIth Every Breath I Take  
All or Nothing at All  
Incurably Romantic  
The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else  
Instead of Saying Goodbye  
The Man That Got Away  
Song on the Sand  
Where Am I Going?  
Don't Worry 'Bout Me  
Guess I'll Hand My Tears out to Dry  
Just One of Those Things  

Title: You'd Better Love Me

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
While We're Young*  

Arrangements by J. Billy VerPlanck & Loonis McGlohon. Produced and directed by Dick Phipps.

Featuring the Loonis McGlohon Trio:

  • Loonis McGlohon, piano
  • Terry Lassiter, bass
  • James Lackey, drums

"Marlene VerPlanck, Loonis McGlohon and his musicians were truly inspired at this session. It's really pure joy to hear these songs, especially the treasures of Hugh Martin, rendered with such sympathetic perception." - Alec Wilder

What I Was Warned About  
Easy Street  
An Occasional Man  
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas RealAudio File
Love All the Quiet People  
If I Gave You  
Accent on Youth  
You Go to My Head  
The Boy Next Door*  
The Crickets Are Calling  
I Know Your Heart  
This Funny World  
The Winter of My Discontent* RealAudio File
Gone with the Wind  
You Are for Loving  
Ev'ry Time  
Tiny Room  
You'd Better Love Me  
*CD Bonus Tracks  


Title: Pure and Natural

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Before the Parade Passes By  

Arrangements by J. Billy VerPlanck


  • Tony Monte, piano
  • David Finck, bass
  • Joe Cocuzzo, drums
  • Loonis McGlohon, piano
  • Doug Burns, bass
  • Bill Stowe, drums
  • Jim McNeely, piano
  • John Beal, bass
  • Ronnie Zito, drums

From the liner notes by Charles Kuralt, CBS News -

"I have heard Marlene VerPlanck sing in smoky East Side cafes and on elegant concert stages, in cluttered commercial studios, in drawing rooms and ballrooms and bar rooms. I have heard her sing in the great echoing marble entrance hall of the New York Public Library. I have heard her in New York, Vancouver and London. Also in Hickory, North Carolina. You are probably beginning to get the idea: I'll go anywhere to hear Marlene VerPlanck..."

"No record album was ever given a better name than this one: ‘Pure & Natural.' That's the way she is, and that's the way she sings."

Nice 'n' Easy  
His Eyes, Her Eyes  
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square  
Two Kites  
Starlight, Starbright  
Come Back to Me  
Nobody Home  
This Heart of Mine  
Summer Me, WInter Me  
This Time the Dream's on Me  
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes  
My New Friend  
Let Me Love You  
Whoever You Are, I Love You  
It Only Takes a Moment RealAudio File
The Quiet Hour  


Title: Marlene VerPlanck Sings Alec Wilder

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Where Is the One?  

This album dedicated to the memory of Dick Phipps.

Songs by the composer and lyricist Alec Wilder, recorded for Marlene's appearance on the award-winning National Public Radio show, Alec Wilder's American Popular Song.


  • Loonis McGlohon, piano
  • Rick Petrone, bass
  • Doug Burns, bass
  • Mel Lewis, drums
  • Bill Stowe, drums

"Alec Wilder would have loved this album! Marlene sings his songs with passion and intensity, bringing out the special secrets that are so much a part of Alec's writing. Hearing Marlene, with this sensitive group of musicians backing her, assures me that Alec Wilder's music will live on forever!" - Marian McPartland

Crazy in the Heart  
Love Among the Young  
I'm Alone Again  
Please Stay With Me  
The Lady SIngs the Blues  
I Like It Here  
Lovers and Losers  
Remember, My Child  
Give Me Time  
That's My Guy  
(So You've Had a ) Change of Heart  
I wish I had the Blues Again  
No One Ever Told Me  
I'll Be Around RealAudio File
Blackberry Winter  
The Wrong Blues  
I Like It Here (And This is Where I'll Stay)  
Be A Child  
Where Is the One? (Reprise)  

Title: Every Breath I Take

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
With Every Breath I Take  

Arrangements and musical direction by Hank Jones


  • Hank Jones, piano, leader
  • Wendell Marshall, bass
  • Kenny Clarke, drums
  • Joe Wilder, trumpet
  • Herbie Mann, flute
Accent on Youth  
Snuggled on Your Shoulders  
Some Other TIme  
If I Love Again  
We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together  
Deep in a Dream  
Two Cigarettes in the Dark  
Without a Word of Warning  
You Leave Me Breathless RealAudio File

Title: A Breath of Fresh Air

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Mr. Lucky  

Arrangement, conducted and produced by J. Billy VerPlanck

From the liner notes -

"The public has, of course, heard a great deal of Marlene, but this has generally been in connection with her radio and TV commercial work. Hopefully, this album will balance the scale of justice for a young lady who represents an increasingly rare breed in the contemporary musical world: a singer who is completely professional in every respect." - Steve Allen

Growing Old Gracefully  
Where is Love?  
There Won't Be Trumpets  
I Concentrate on You  
Rainbow Hill  
Baby Elephant Walk  
Show Me  
This Happy Feeling  
How Can I Be Sure?  
Down Here on the Ground  
I Have Dreamed  
I'm All Smiles RealAudio File
The More I See You  
Go Fly a Kite  
A Little Love Should Rub off on Us  
I Chase a Rainbow Dream  

Title: A Quiet Storm

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
I Wished on the Moon RealAudio File

Produced, arranged and conducted by J. Billy VerPlanck

Featuring the Sonny Costanzo Big Band and the Trio

The Trio

  • Jim McNeely, piano
  • John Beal, bass
  • Ron Zito, drums

From the liner notes by Michael Bourne -

"I wanted to do everything (on this album) - the big band, trio, duo, and a cappella," said Marlene. "I don't like ‘mood' albums, all ballads or all swingers, all this or all that. I like a variety..."

"Billy loves the way Sonny plays," said Marlene. "He's like the best-kept secret in the music business."

Things Are Looking Up  


  • Soft Lights and Sweet Music
  • When Lights Are Low
The Lies of Handsome Men  
Sister Moon  
A Quiet Storm  
Lovers in New York  
Cinnamon and Clove  
Taking a Chance on Love  
Dream Dancing  
Who Can I Turn To?  
I've Got Just About Everything  
Too Late Now  


  • I Love to Dance
  • The Last Dance
So Long Sadness  

Title: A New York Singer

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Go Away Little Boy  

Big Band with Strings arranged and conducted by J. Billy VerPlanck

Featuring the Loonis McGlohon Jazz Combo

  • Joe Wilder, trumpet
  • Phil Thompson, tenor saxophone

Also arranged by J. Billy VerPlanck.

From the liner notes by Bob Jones, WQEW, New York -

"...So here, in her sixth album, is what a great New York singer has to say in a program of equal parts standard and original American popular songs. They were chosen for their integrity and quality, wonderfully arranged by Billy VerPlanck, and played by some of this city's best musicians. love the album, and I think you will, too..."

"The Loonis McGlohon Combo joins Marlene on the five new tracks added for the compact disc version, and they offset surprisingly well with the big band tracks. Three of the selections feature the trumpet of Joe Wilder, who knows well how to enhance a vocal line..."

Stairway to the Stars RealAudio File
That Ole Devil Called Love  
Songbird RealAudio File
The Music That Makes Me Dance  
Why Shouldn't I?  
By Myself / Vocalise No. 5  
Isn't It a Pity?  
Music Man  
I Looked at You  
Hey, Star  
Red and Yellow Flowers  
You Keep Coming Back Like a Song  
A Sure Thing  
Good Old Friends  

Title: Marlene VerPlanck Loves Johnny Mercer

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
I Remember You  

Arrangements by J. Billy VerPlanck


  • Tony Monte, piano
  • Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar
  • Milt Hinton, bass
  • Butch Miles, drums

From the liner notes by Jim Hartley -

"This session was recorded at the end of a one-month engagement of togetherness at New York's Michael's Pub. Owner Gil Wuest's idea of presenting Marlene in an evening of the songs of Mercer was most successful."

"New York critic Rex Reed, after showering Marlene with praise, claimed that Tony Monte, Bucky Pizzarelli, Milt Hinton and Butch Miles comprised ‘one of the best jazz quartets ever assembled for a single club date.' "

That Old Black Magic RealAudio File
Early Autumn  
Hit the Road to Dreamland  
Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home  
Fools Rush In  
Day In, Day Out  
Let's Take the Long Way Home  
I'm Old Fashioned  
Jeepers Creepers  
Midnight Sun  
Something's Gotta Give  
I Thought About You  
Out of This World  
P.S. I Love You  
My Shining Hour  
How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen?  
Summer Wind  
Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood  

Title: Live! In London

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
Music Is My Best Friend  

Arrangements by J. Billy VerPlanck. Recorded during performances at Pizza on the Park in London and the University College School in Frongnal, Hampstead, UK.

Featuring The Roy Babbington Trio, rhythm section of the BBC's famed Big Band

  • Roy Babbington, bass 
  • Andy Vinter, piano 
  • Mike Smith, drums 
Get Out of Town
Body and Soul  
The Happy Madness  
Let's Begin  
Someone to Light Up My Life  
I Wanna Be Around RealAudio File
Say It Isn't So  
Let's Face the Music and Dance  
Watching You  
Falling in Love With Love  
It's Bad for Me  

"Doctor Doolittle" Medley:

  • Something in Your Eyes
  • I Think I Like You
  • When I Look in Your Eyes
So In Love  
P.S. I Love You  
My Shining Hour  
How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen?  
Summer Wind  
Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood  


Title: Marlene VerPlanck Meets Saxomania in Paris

Availability: CD

Track List (sequence) Real
Production Notes
You Turned the Tables on Me  

Recorded in Paris.

From the cover notes:

"What can you say when you hear one of your favorite singers sing one of your favorite Strayhorn tunes? I've never encountered anyone who would tackle "Something to Live For," and so I've never had to write a chart of it."

"Also, "Rain, Sometimes" I haven't heard since Nancy Wilson's pre-gymnastic period. All the tunes are great and are performed by the perfectionist, herself. Congratulations, Marlene. And, Billy, you did a great job; a lot of different colors for just a group of reed players. My hat's off to you, too!" - Billy May

El Cajon  
Left Bank Blues  
Rain, Sometimes  
Close Your Eyes  
Sooner or Later  
I Got the Sun in the Morning  
Here's to Life  
Speak Low RealAudio File
Namely You  


  • What's the Rush?
  • Five Brothers
Something to Live For  
Everything but You  
I Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues  
I'm Just a Lucky So-and-So  


You'll need the Adobe Flash player to play these MP3 samples. If you don't see the MP3 player graphic, you'll need to download the Flash player here.

Sample     MP3 From the CD
Haven't We Met One Dream At A Time
Quietly One Dream At A Time
But Beautiful One Dream At A Time
One Dream At A Time One Dream At A Time
I'm in Love Again Once There Was a Moon
I've Got You Under My Skin Once There Was a Moon
Dearly Beloved Once There Was a Moon
Once There Was a Moon Once There Was a Moon

You must have the RealAudio plug-in to play these sound samples. If you cannot hear the audio sample, download the player and then return to this page. There are versions of these players for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

RealAudio Sample From the CD
The Party Upstairs Marlene VerPlanck "NOW!"
I Keep Goin' Back to Joe's Marlene VerPlanck "NOW!"
Moments Like This Marlene VerPlanck "NOW!"
Little Did I Dream Marlene VerPlanck "NOW!"
Be Careful, It's My Heart It's How You Play the Game
Easy to Love It's How You Play the Game
All My Tomorrows It's How You Play the Game
But Not For Me Speaking of Love
Call Me Irresponsible My Impetuous Heart
Then I'll Be Tired of You A Warmer Place
I Ask Myself The Songs of Richard Adler
No Soap Blues The Songs of Richard Adler
Beautiful Friendship What Are We Going To Do With All This Moonlight?
Love Me or Leave Me The Greatest Hits of Walter Donaldson
All the Things You Are I Like to Sing
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas You'd Better Love Me
The Winter of My Discontent You'd Better Love Me
It Only Takes A Moment Pure & Natural
I'll be Around Marlene VerPlanck Sings Alec Wilder
You Leave Me Breathless Every Breath I Take
I'm All Smiles A Breath of Fresh Air
I Wished on the Moon A Quiet Storm
Stairway to the Stars A New York Singer
Songbird A New York Singer
That Old Black Magic Marlene VerPlanck Loves Johnny Mercer
I Wanna Be Around Live! In London
Speak Low Marlene VerPlanck Meets Saxomania in Paris



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